Economic Expert Witness Construction Defect Case

Construction defect litigation typically begins with a home-owners association or individual home owners alleging economic loss stemming from sub-standard construction of their home(s).  Plaintiffs present a sample of properties investigated by a construction expert; the critical step involves extrapolating from the sample proportion of defects in the tested properties to the other properties in the project.  It is a common practice of plaintiff experts to over-sample defective units and to under sample units which do not have defects.  This outcome is a natural consequence of depending on voluntary participation in the plaintiffs' sample.  If the defect in question – leaking roofs or windows, moldy shower stalls – is detectable by the homeowner.  When confronted with the prospect of destructive testing – disruptive intrusion with a residual mess – homeowners who believe they have a problem are more likely to agree to testing than are homeowners who do not have a problem.  When the sample defect rate is applied to the units not tested, the result is an over estimate of the cost of repair.

We specialize in designing unbiased sampling protocols – rules for the testing experts to follow so that the defect rate they find accurately predicts the defect rate in the untested population of residences.  We recommend that the person conducting the testing for plaintiffs or defendants contact all homeowners and ask (1) if they believe that their units have any defects and (2) if they will grant permission to have their units tested.  Any owners refusing to have their units tested should be taken out of the class of owners eligible for damages.  Finally, we will assign a random number to each unit remaining in the population of the eligible units.  We will test the outcome of the testing to determine whether there is a significant difference in the defect rate for units whose owners believe there is a problem and for those units that units whose owners think there is no problem.  If there is a significant difference, then we estimate the proportion of defective units in the (eligible) population as the weighted average of the defect rates for the two sub-samples. 

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**In cases when reports are due in less than five business days after our receipt of necessary information, we will charge an additional $1,000 fee for an expedited report.

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