Economic Expert Witness for Lost Earnings Case

*NOTE - If there is a life care plan associated with this case, please fill out our personal injury questionnaire instead. There we provide the information we require to help with the litigation process.

A lost earning capacity treats a person's likely earnings of his/her lifetime as a financial asset. Reliance on a  data base with millions of observations allows us to customize a person's earnings to personal characteristics – age, education, occupation, marital status, hours worked per week and weeks worked per year.  We also can account for all relevant earnings hazards – disability, non-participation in the labor force, and unemployment.  Performing a similar analysis after the damaging event allows us to predict the duration of the economic loss and the amount of money necessary to make the victim financially whole.

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Retain an Economic
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Have us Conduct
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How long will it take?

Typically 2 weeks** 5 days or less
Statistical Analysis Yes Yes
Forecast Yes Yes
Available for Discussion Yes Yes
Complete Written Report Yes No
Documentation of statistical analysis Yes No
Complete set of tables showing calculations Yes No
Deposition Extra No
Trial Testimony Extra No

**In cases when reports are due in less than five business days after our receipt of necessary information, we will charge an additional $1,000 fee for an expedited report.

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1. We encourage all of our potential clients to familiarize themselves with our final product and our report process. Our statistical analysis allows us to predict how earnings would have changed but for the damaging event, and how earnings are likely to change after that event. Below we have links to examples of both types of reports we produce:

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a. Preliminary Example Report
(applicable towards full retention)
b. Full Retention Example Report


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